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XML still not fit for human consumption, and neither is YAML

A while back I wrote about XML (The Problem with XML), arguing that it is essentially great for computers, but definitely less so for humans. Since then, XML’s popularity in the enterprise world hasn’t really diminished that much, although we … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

‘scuse me for the late well-wishing, but there you go! 🙂 I’ve been busy with helping my eldest move to her first student-apartment-room-thingy. Next I started redecorating her ‘old’ room for use by the undersigned. Takes a bit longer than … Continue reading

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Why are Microservices so hard?

If a microservice in the cloud stops responding, and no logs were generated, did it fail at all? Suppose I have two applications, one a “classical” monolith, called so even though it was built using a multi-tiered architecture, the other … Continue reading

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Introducing: Zen and the Art of Microservices

Dennis Schmidt wrote a book called “Way-farer”, which plays in some distant future (as envisioned back in 1978) where men have come to the planet of Kensho. In it, a young man called Jerome starts on his road to enlightenment … Continue reading

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Making Software Development effort more predictable

For a Software Development professional, one of the earliest truths you learn is that estimating the delivery effort for new system is surprisingly hard. A project manager at IBM told me once, back in the nineties, that the difference between … Continue reading

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